What Internet Speed Do You Need?

We’re online now more than ever, for school, work, and play. The number of users and connected devices in our homes is growing quickly. With increasing demands from gaming, streaming, and connected devices, knowing which plan is right for you and your family isn’t as easy as it seems. So, if you want to know what internet speed you need, this article will help!

Quick Tips: What Internet Speed Do I Need?

– If you watch a lot of Netflix, you’ll need 5 Mbps to stream HD content and 25 Mbps for 4K Ultra HD content. Keep in mind that you’ll need faster speeds if you plan to connect several devices at once. 

– Multiple electronic devices require more bandwidth. So, if you’re planning to stream 4K video content and have multiple electronic devices connected to your network simultaneously, you should seriously consider getting a plan with faster download speeds, like 200 Mbps.

– Make sure you know your speeds. You can use online tools to check your home internet connection’s speed and find out whether you’re really getting the bandwidth you’re paying for.

Too Much Speed Is a Waste

Faster connectivity is great, but you may be paying more money than you need to.

This is because internet speeds ultimately depend on what the user is doing with his or her internet connection. 

Number of devices Use Cases Recommended Download Speed
1-2 Web surfing, email, social networking, and moderate video Up to 25 Mbps
3-5 Online multiplayer gaming and 4K streaming 50 – 100 Mbps
More than 5 Sharing large files, live video + all of the above  150 to 200 Mbps
Experts believe that anything over 10 Gbps for a household is likely to be excessive. As more people begin streaming movies, shows and other entertainment on their TV, bandwidth requirements become a bigger issue. So, if you would like to stream 4K content, for your 4K smart TV, you’ll need a connection of at least 25 Mbps.

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