Top Sales Tracking Software Tools

If you’re still using spreadsheets or pen and paper to track your sales then you’re missing out on important information to position your sales team for success. Sales tracking software is extremely useful in obtaining vital insights that can help you grow your business.

Read on as we reveal the top four sales tracking software tools to integrate into your sales process.


One of the best features that Pipedrive offers is known as “deal rotting”. It helps the sales team spot missed meetings or prospects, which is important for identifying sales opportunities. The software’s dashboard breaks down key performance indicators and enables managers to spot top and underperforming sales team members.


This software’s custom dashboard is what salespeople find it most appealing. The dashboard makes it easy to track the data you want and provides information in a visual format. Also, Insightly’s business intelligence feature allows you to create your own data visualizations. Their powerful data tools offer a complete picture of clients, including any personal details that can help you identify their needs and improve your sales conversion rate.

HubSpot CRM

HubSpot’s robust dashboard displays sales statistics in real-time. It works great to keep your sales team informed about the status of every lead in the sales pipeline. You can track the deal flow based on your team’s performance. HubSpot also offers activity logging. This feature allows you to track each action taken for every lead in real-time.

Agile CRM

If you want to closely track customer support metrics, then consider Agile CRM. You can configure its sales dashboard to display important metrics. The information can be used to create a strategy to improve response times and increase customer satisfaction. This can result in upselling opportunities and new prospects.

All these are great options to track key sales metrics. However, choose a sales tracking software option that doesn’t cost too much so that it makes sense for your business.

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